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19 Jul 2017 06:17

Can't book a meal at Be Our Guest

0Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Anyone know why? We're going in October, surely it's not fully booked already??

27 Jun 2017 11:47

WYR: Everytime you sneeze you swap biological sex for 24 hours, or every time you sneeze you get $10.

37Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Option 1: Every time you sneeze, you transform into the opposite sex for a minimum of 24 hours. After 24 hours have passed, your next sneeze will transform you back to your original sex for at least another 24 hours. The process is instantaneous and painless. Sneezes that occur during the 24 wait do not count. If you are pregnant, the pregnancy will resume when you return to female form, unaffected.

Option 2: Every time you sneeze, $10 is added to your bank account, tax free. If you do not have a bank account, it will be added to a magic wallet which you can never lose.

9 Jun 2017 10:53

Looking back at this now, today's result is absolutely astonishing

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

29 May 2017 21:53

(No title)

0Submitted by Jocie Pup - View comments

21 May 2017 19:09

(No title)

0Submitted by Jocie Pup - View comments

18 May 2017 20:29

Deactivate Google-linked account

4Submitted by Izwe - View comments

How does one deactivate their IFTTT account if the deactivation page wants a password, but as it's linked to Google does not have one?

16 May 2017 13:53

Doubts be gone!!

27Submitted by Izwe - View comments

10 May 2017 15:10

Powerlines, UK [ 1920 x 1440 ] [OC]

2Submitted by Izwe - View comments

9 May 2017 08:43

Easiest way to get a degree? [UK]

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I've been in the development business for around 20 years, but despite my experience at good companies I still get passed over for interviews and someone in my office mentioned it could be because I don't have a degree.

Firstly, is there any truth to that? Are CVs binned purely because they don't contain a degree qualification, even when they have decades of experience? And if so, to increase my chances, how would I go about getting a degree in our field whilst also working full-time?

25 Apr 2017 10:48

So, I'm transgender, how do you feel about that?

4Submitted by Izwe - View comments

24 Apr 2017 11:43

Isolated holiday location

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Are there any "deep in the woods", "middle of nowhere", "miles from humanity" cottages in England/Wales? I've had a look on AirBnB, but their search filters don't include an "off the beaten track" option, I've also looked through the National Trust cottages website and found a couple, but most seem to me near (i.e. within hearshot) of a main road or are in the middle of moors (i.e no trees).

Ideally I'm looking for a place my wife and I can hear nothing but nature, see the stars at night and walk around naked during the day without some rambler or dog walker surprising us.

1 Apr 2017 08:14

Are there any Hue android apps which show bulbs in a grid rather than a list?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I have a tablet mounted to the wall to control my lights which is currently displaying a web-based SmartThings control panel. I want to cut SmartThings out of the loop, but I cannot find a Hue app which shows bulbs in a grid in order to show all bulbs without scrolling. Anyone have a suggestion?

29 Mar 2017 09:26

What would be the WORST words to use in a phonetic alphabet?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments


28 Mar 2017 16:20

What's wrong with Mars?

2Submitted by Izwe - View comments

As in, the chocolate company.

Cadbury's has gone to the dogs since the Kraft buy-out and Nestlé are widely regarded as having immoral business practices, which got me thinking, what has Mars done wrong, or are they the only big chocolate company worth giving your money to?

23 Mar 2017 15:00

What's the most demeaning and degrading job (real or otherwise) you would do for £500/day? [NSFW]

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments


13 Mar 2017 18:21

My son's pregnant girlfriend's parents want to emigrate with her to Spain. Can I/my son stop them?

2Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Confusing title I'm sure.

Actors -

  • S: My son (under 18)
  • G: S's girlfriend (under 18)
  • P: G's parents

S+G are having a baby, P want to move to Spain with G, G doesn't want to go, S wants to make sure that he will still get to see the baby.

Can G be prevented from leaving the country while pregnant? If they emigrate after the birth can S/I prevent the baby from being issued a passport?

23 Feb 2017 17:21

When did web development get so messy?

23Submitted by Izwe - View comments

OK, so I've been in this game for around 20 years and I thought it was high time I taught myself some Angular or React rather than resting on my C#/JavaScript laurels. Soo I had a look at some "getting started"-esque guides and before I can even start doing anything I have to install node, npm, yarn, systemjs, typescript, angular-cli, JSX, webpack, browserify, babel (or some mixture of them) and then compile the code before it can be run!

I do not want to be an old fuddy-duddy who doesn't embrace new technology, but is all this really necessary? When did it all get so messy? What happened to including jQuery from a CDN and that was it?

Can someone help this old guy through this messy new world?

27 Jan 2017 14:11

Is it possible to run a Phoenix application on Azure?

8Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I've tried Googling, but there's not much out there saying one way or the other.

25 Jan 2017 16:04

Ok, you win

6Submitted by Izwe - View comments

31 Dec 2016 10:53

Where can I find a Round battery?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Anyone know where I could get a replacement Pebble Round battery? My wife's lasts about 12 hours on a full charge and was in the middle of a warranty claim when the FitBit whohar kicked off.

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