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26 Jul 2020 09:46

If humans had nine lives, how different would the world be?

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15 Jul 2020 11:31

I'm looking forward to going back; 1,039 days to go!

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8 Jun 2020 15:49

WYR be able to see through Physical things (clothes, walls, doors, etc), or be able to see through Figurative things (lies, false promises, fake feelings, etc)?

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21 May 2020 17:05

Sale now on

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20 May 2020 11:50

WYR go on a really fun water slide, or eat a really nice meal

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"really fun", and "really nice" are based on your own feelings & likes.

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23 Apr 2020 14:56

[Discussion] What is the weirdest thing you've ever witnessed at Walt Disney World?

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Be it by a guest, cast memeber, or even a ride, what wonderfully odd things have you seen?

4 Apr 2020 18:48

Barbados, 2017

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6 Mar 2020 13:55

"We would like to invite you for an appointment at the Nottingham Center for Transgender Health"

2Submitted by Izwe - View comments

These words should make me so happy, but I'm not, I'm upset. Why? Because they were prefixed with "Dear [Dead Name]". I changed my name over a year ago, including my NHS records, I have a whole new NHS number for my true gender, all of this I told them about, but still, this. sigh

14 Feb 2020 09:25

Can anyone recommend a coffee machine that grinds beans and works with Alexa?

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10 Jan 2020 13:09

If Russia had somehow landed a man on The Moon before the US, what effects (if any) would it have had on the space race and modern-day space exploration?

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31 Dec 2019 14:08

Ready to begin?

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23 Dec 2019 08:34

Center Parcs UK Official Transgender Policy

30Submitted by Izwe - View comments

OK, so I wrote to Center Parcs asking what their policy is regarding communal changing rooms, and wanted to share thier response.

Good morning,

I'm wondering if you could tell me what your official policy is with transgender guests visiting your gendered changing rooms at the pool, sports hall and Aqua Sana please?

Kind regards, Izwe

Hi Izwe

Thank you for your email which has been forwarded for my attention and response.

I would like to offer reassurance that we have a number of transgender guests at Center Parcs and sometimes they ask for advice or support so that they feel comfortable during their time with us. Our approach has always been to treat each guest as an individual and try to do the best we can to help. It is our aim to ensure all guests are included and can enjoy the full Aqua Sana experience with consideration for all. I’m sure you will appreciate that we must consider all, we talk openly with our guests and in some instances we may need to ask for compromise on the grounds of consideration for other guests.

I do hope that the above explains how we practically and respectfully handle such situations.

Kind regards

Clare Kowalski
Senior Guest Services Executive

Thank you for your response.

May I ask for clarification please. Assuming that a transgender man was in the mens changing room, and a male guest found this uncomfortable, how would you resolve this situation?

Hi Izwe

To be totally honest, we have never had cause to call upon an official policy as we have always accommodated requests from our guests. If the need to ask for compromise should arise then we must and will act within the Equality Act.

As explained previously, our aim is to ensure all guests can enjoy the full Aqua Sana experience with consideration and respect for all.

Kind reagrds

Clare Kowalski
Senior Guest Services Executive

10 Dec 2019 12:35

Post-vaginoplasty-surgery, do you still get that feeling of having an errection?

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9 Dec 2019 11:39

How long do you think one should have to live as their identified gender before being "ready" for a GRC?

2Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Assuming that HRT, SRS, etc. are not dependent on gaining a GRC.

Please do not downvote comments you disagree with, this is a discussion, and it's fair that we hear all points of view. Downvotes are for comments which are off-topic.

29 Nov 2019 16:24

[Meta] Please can we tag deals with country codes?

90Submitted by Izwe - View comments

It's so annoying seeing a title saying "60% off colour bulbs" only to find out it's in some far-flung country and you can't get it.

19 Nov 2019 15:29

What does the self-doubt stop?

47Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I've been socially out since January, pass fairly well, never had any trouble when out & about, but I still get that niggling sense of doubt when people call me "she" or "her" as if they are just humouring me. Does this ever go away? Is it just a time thing? Is there anything I can do to get past it?

29 Oct 2019 22:11

Most wonderful time of the year.

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3 Sep 2019 15:34

What does the NHS provide, and what can to be done privately?

4Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I found this FAQ, but it's seven years old, and probably(?) out of date. The NHS Website lists a few things, but I'm sure they vary by location. Private clinics will probably do just about anything within legal limits. So I thought the best way to get a real answer about real-world experiences is to ask real people, so here I am, asking you guys.

1 Sep 2019 19:35

WYR [Meta] Please can we ban "WYR {thing} or remain the same"?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I've seen too many of these and they're not what this sub is about. If both choices don't change your life then it's not a WYR, and is better suited to another sub (some of which are linked in the sidebar).

15 Aug 2019 21:43

In Return of the Jedi (1983) Palpatine announces to Luke Skywalker that he will now die but he doesn't actually die untill Luke kills him self decades later in the Last Jedi (2017).

3Submitted by RAHDRIVE - View comments

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