Goldeneye TFC Maps


Screenshots of some of the finished maps can be found in the 007-TFC Gallery.

Egyptian Temple (Reverse Hunted)

Hunted, with a big twist. The map is completely dark and both teams have custom weapons.
The hunted (a HWGuy) has only close range weapons (knife, crowbar, spanner), can run as fast a s a scout, and has regenerative health & armour
The hunters (scout, sniper, demo & solly) all get 4 weapons: Crowbar, single shotgun, (sniper's) autorifle & the flame thrower. They also glow in the dark so it's easier for the hunted to locate them in order to kill or run away from them.
The hunted get's 1 point for every 15 seconds he can survive. The Red team get 100 points for killing the Hunted, and once the hunted dies, the map ends. So Whoever is the hunted has to last 26 minutes in order to win. Good luck :o)

Complex (Capture & Hold)

Complex is a Hold the Flag map, The longer you hold the flag the more points you earn.
If my memory serves me correctly you get 1 point for every 15 seconds you hold the flag.

Severnaya Bunker (Hunted)

Another hunted map, but in the more standard method where there's a hunted (a spy), body guards (soldier, demo, pyro) and assasins (soldier, sniper, hwguy).

Library (Deathmatch)

TFC Deathmatch. Everyone is a sniper, but starts only with a crowbar. There are weapons scattered around the level which you can pickup. There's no ammo on this map, so the only way to get more is to scrounge off the deads leftovers.

Other Ideas...

Temple (King of the Hill)

Work has already begun on this and we have a very innavative KotH system as invented by Azrael, it's almost ready, just needs another hill, or two.

Military Archives (Unknown)

Not yet started, and we need a scenario for it, if you have any ideas, then let us know

Chemical Facility (Invade & Defend)

Phantom's started this one recently, but lost the rmf (d'oh!). The idea is some SAS guys invade the facility and the russians have to fend them off. Starting at the loo's you grab a key and access the gas chamber, set a bomb to blow up the gas canisters and you win.

Cuban Water Caverns (Bomb/Defuse)

Attacking team have a bomb they have to plant in one of two places and the defenders have to stop them, or defuse the bomb. Then they swap. Proberly have a time limit, 5 or so minutes, maybe a "you only live once" thing too. Honest, we're not ripping off CounterStrike!

Secret Map

Once all the above maps are done we're thinking about having another map full of goodies & secrets and stuff. Proberly be another goldeneye map, but might be from Perfect Dark, Banjo Tooie, Jet Force Gemini, or any game really.


Map Size with Music Size w/out Music Music alone
Temple (Beta 2)  1.25Mb  235Kb  1.02Mb
Complex  1.41Mb  N/A  363Kb
Library (Beta 1)  1Mb  300Kb  731Kb
Facility  N/A  N/A  683Kb
Bunker  3.03Mb  N/A  1.18Mb
Archives  N/A  N/A  1.55Mb
Caverns  N/A  N/A  1.56Mb
Egyptian  1.64Mb  N/A  1.21Mb

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