The Alarm Clock

Set the alarm and wait for it to go off, fairly basic/simple program I wrote for a few guys on irc. You can use it to play mp3, wave, or even whole playlists when the alarm goes off. Infact you can use any sound file windows media player can read, but shh, dont tell everyone!!
After installing, right click on the try icon (pic #1) and use the menu (pic #2) to set the sound you want to use as the "buzzer", then pop up the main window (pic #3) to set the alarm time, then wait for it to arrive! To set the alarm simply change the time of the alarm.

Download (2.56Mb)
This program requires the Visual Basic 6 Run-time files in order to run

Screen Shots

Alarm clock system tray icon

Tray icon menu

The main Alarm window where you set the time (and message) of the alarm

Dedicated to the memory of our good friend James "moose" Costello.

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