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17 Apr 2023 09:42

How much do you pay for a hair cut?

3Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I used to pay £10 for a trim, now it's £35, is that normal?

11 Apr 2023 11:20

Is it ok to run HA in a VM? And if so, will that affect the performance of the add-ons which run in their own containers?

0Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Alternatively, what's the best way to run HA as part of a single-physical-server which also needs to be home for things like Plex, file shares and game servers?

10 Apr 2023 20:51

What's the/a word for the emotion you feel after looking forward to something good, but it doesn't happen - but it was never going to happen, you just hoped it would?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Like getting excited for a surprise birthday party, but noone planned one, noone hinted at one, and you never asked anyone to organise one.

or your parent bringing you ice cream home, even though you know they never went to the ice cream shop?

Like, disapointed, but entirely self-caused?

17 Mar 2023 14:18

Kitchen vertical dashboard with screensaver! Taken months to tame the beast

254Submitted by Izwe - View comments

13 Mar 2023 14:49

The more you look, the worse it gets

2Submitted by Izwe - View comments

9 Mar 2023 13:10

Where can I buy my own data?

0Submitted by Izwe - View comments

All these leaks about people's personal data over the years, I wondered if it was possible to buy what the "world" knows about me, would I need to hire a private investigator, perhaps?

13 Jan 2023 08:40

All I hear is the terrible screams help desk.

1Submitted by RAHDRIVE - View comments

20 Dec 2022 15:40

Anyone been to Germany from DLP on the train outside the park?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Going next year and thought we might take the train to Germany. Has anyone done this recently and know how cheap and easy this is?

14 Nov 2022 14:34

Picture vs Product

0Submitted by Izwe - View comments

9 Nov 2022 13:35

If you were building a house/bathroom what would be the best way to detect if a shower was on?

8Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Could obviously use a humidity sensor, but they take a long time to go down to normal levels

6 Nov 2022 10:04

What is the difference between love and infatuation?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

20 Sep 2022 09:02

When did drivers stop following the rules and start getting too "polite"?

116Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I've seen it a few times lately, maybe since the pandemic? But drivers stopping on major roads to let people in minor roads out (when the road ahead is clear) or stopping to let people cross (not on junctions or zelda crossings). I was taught when learning to drive, "don't be polite, be predictable".

14 Sep 2022 14:24

The Pi Hut have Coral USB Accelerators in stock, thought you might like to know

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

26 Aug 2022 17:06

Do I need cash?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

We're heading to DLP on Monday, do I need to pack some Euros or will my bank card be enough? Staying on-site if that makes a difference?

26 Aug 2022 14:00

Shark RV2502AE not showing up in the app

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Got my Shark today, I set it all up, and the app stepped me through the pairing process, but at the last stage it just sits there waiting for the robot to connect. The robot is connected to my wifi (The wifi light is solid white, and I can see it's connected on the router webpage), but I've tried several times to make it work, and it does not want to. I even tried forcing my wifi to only be 2.5GHz, but no dice.

Any ideas on how to get it working?

24 Aug 2022 08:29

[Question] Should I tip on the pre- or post-tax total?

18Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Filthly European here wanting to do the right thing in the US, and I've heard that you don't tip on the tax on another subreddit; is that correct or are they jerks? Is it different for a sit-down meal and a take-out?

13 Jul 2022 10:12

Bluey Theme Song played by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (probably been posted before, but I have no-one else to share this with!)

24Submitted by Izwe - View comments

15 Jun 2022 15:25

August crowd-levels (vs Magic Kindgom)

5Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Afternoon all Mickey fans!

We're going to DLP in late August and wondered how the 30th anniversery + Avengers Campus crowds will compare to a pre-pandemic Magic Kingdom day in the same month?

According to, late August is 3-53% in Florida, and is predicted to be 88% in Paris - but how do those percentages compare in real-terms? And can I believe a site that says MK was only at 3% on a Friday?

27 May 2022 11:01

LPT [UK]: If you are a normal employee and your tax code is not "1257L" you might be paying too much income tax

6Submitted by Izwe - View comments

There are many tax codes, but 1257L is the normal one. If you have no reason to be paying more tax (e.g. multiple jobs, recently changed employer, receive marriage allowance) then contact HMRC, and while you're on hold, check what benefits you are entitled to.

7 Apr 2022 14:16

What is the point in map zone icons?

5Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I was hoping that a person or tracker would "pick up" the icon of the zone, so that you could at a glace see where someone is without text, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Considering the documentation says, "It is preferred to pick an icon to use for your zone.", I fail to see why, as they are pretty useless? Am I missing something? Is there a way to give the zone icon to the people in that zone?

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